I'm ismapic, or you can call me Isma. I'm a Visual Designer focused on Animation and Art Direction based in BA, Argentina.
I have been working as a Visual Designer, Motion Designer, and Art Director for the past 9 years​​​​​. Clients hire me to design from scratch their projects, develop a concept into a fully graphic package, give them life, participate in their process and deliver solutions to their projects.
If you have an inquiry or wish to chat about an upcoming project need, feel free to get in touch: ismapic@gmail.com

What I do
Design / Animation / Art Direction / Illustration / Branding & Identity / Concept Development / Title Sequences and Show Identities / 3D Sculpt / 3D Design / Character Design / Graphic Package Development / Design Thinking / Key Visuals 

Yo freelancers!
I’m always looking to connect with new people. Designers, animators, producers, coders, it doesn't matter! Feel free to send me your portfolio and a description of your experience. Thanks to the magic of technology and the internet you don't need to be based in BA for us to work together :)