MTV Idents Curatorship
As part of MTV’s newest rebrand, Mood Swing, we had to curate artists that could develop idents that fitted our concepts, such as: love, chill, flawless, energetic, horny, fear, etc.
We had the opportunity to explore and search artists worldwide, no matter where they were, if their work fitted what we were looking for, we reached out to them.
I’m really grateful for this amazing and unique opportunity to collaborate, talk and learn from each of them :)
If you wanna learn more about this project click here.

Director: Maximiliano Borrego
Art Director: Ismael Picardi / Carlos Mendez
Producer: Francisco Romairone / Camila Gonzalez Navedo

Artists in order:
Aj Jefferies - Happy / Aran Quinn - Pleasure / Arina Shabanova - Energetic
/ Jeron Braxton - Sad / Joe M - Flawless / Josep Prat Sorolla - Happy
/ Morgan Powell - Horny / Numecaniq - Cranky / Ondrej Zunka - Anxiety / Perfect Hue - Trippy / Rudo - Fear / Simon Landrein - Angry / Yukai Du - Anxious / Blake Broderick - Trippy

World Creative Studio - Mtv Networks - Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018-2019
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