​​​​​​​DEMO: the world’s largest motion design festival
October was the second edition of DEMO festival, in which public screens are subject to a takeover by the global motion design community. Organized by Rotterdam-based, Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, the 24-hour takeover was put together over the past 12 months and translated a global open call into the world’s largest motion design festival to date.
This year’s edition saw motion design descend on 5000 screens in partnership with 12 different digital out-of-home owners. Defined by this year’s curators, the work selected was then categorized into a variety of themes. Each theme offered reflections of current trends amongst the motion design community. 
I contested by sending two animations, "Be careful, he has a knife", and "Hope we have a deal this time". Both of them were selected and exhibited in Happy Hour, Stranger Things, Total Motion, and Happy Hour categories. You can find more info here
Curators: direction Liza Enebeisled, creative coder Tim Rodenbröker, art director Koos Breen and Yonk, animation director Connor Campbell.
Organized by Studio Dumbar/DEPT® - Netherlands 2022
"Hope we have a deal this time"
"Be careful, he has a knife"
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