A full graphic campaign created specially for one of the MTV's biggest nights of the year!
We had to develop a new campaign from scratch. Our idea was based around an ‘Urban Art’ form, from graffiti to fly posters. London's streets became our inspiration for visual treatment and it continued all the way through the live stage arena and all broadcast applications.
My role was to design, animate and prepare every one of these pieces to be delivered worldwide, so that each country could adapt it to their languages or needs.
VP Creative Director: Sean Saylor
Creative Director: Maximiliano Borrego
Creative Lead: Francisco Casais
Design Lead: Carlos Alemañy
Design: Milagras Fiuza, Ismael Picardi
Animación: Ismael Picardi
Opertions Director: Delfina Chiesa
Producer: Camila Gonzalez Navedo

World Creative Studio
MTV Networks - Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017
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