Hyundai Artlab
Hyundai Motor Company has a longstanding commitment to supporting the arts through partnerships with organizations and institutions such as MMCA, Tate, LACMA, Rhizome, and Bloomberg.
Artlab expands access to the arts for all and deepens the engagement between institutions, artists, and communities. Our intention with it is to spark dialogue and collaboration across geographical borders and beyond traditional boundaries. Hyundai Artlab designs platforms for agents from different areas, who will come together to discuss what to present to the public. It is not a curatorial agent either, as it seldom gets involved in the actual curation process. It is more of a platform provider.
Stink Studios called me to join their creative team and collaborate with them animating a variety of assets. We work based on our main concepts, "art moves us, art connects us". It was an incredible project with so many talented professionals involved.
Stink Studios 2021
Executive Producer: John Mendoza
Producer: Anneliese Sloves
Creatives: Zane Miller, Nate Skinner, Leo Nguyen
Design: Evan Corrigan, Sarah Cummings, Crystal Chou
Motion Design: Ismael Picardi
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