La Divina Gula
La Divina Gula or Heavenly Bites, it's a Mexican gastronomic spectacle of culinary ingenuity and extravagantly delicious flavors in a visual poem that champions the iconic dishes, meals, and snacks that define Mexican food.
Micheladas, Chubechada. Giant Cakes or Charrinachos, what are those strange dishes? An explosive mix of ingredients. Layers of food over more layers of food, unexpected mixtures, and bizarre flavors. 
Taking into account all these ideas and concepts, we developed a modular package that emphasizes these over-the-top ideas. Mixing typography, images, and shapes like they were a Michelada recipe. Exploring this culture, these flavor mixes, and its bizarreness in graphically way.
Its weirdness lives from the logo to each sticker. Loyal to its roots, to the joy and proudness that each character expresses throughout the story with humorous and bizarre tones. This was our proposal.
Property of Vice Studios Latinoamerica & Netflix 2022
Created by Nacho Gil and Laura Woldenberg
Executive Producer Laura Woldenberg
Direction Juan Marquez
Art Direction Maximiliano Borrego
Design and Animation Ismael Picardi
Production Ivonne Gutierrez, Daina Jurksaitis and Natalia Varela
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