NewCo Clothing Collection
The New Company contacted me to help them develop a series of characters for their NEW 2023 clothing collection. The initial brief was simple, yet ambitious: we have two hoodies, 2 hats, and 1 tote bag. We need a cool way to show them off.
They had some rough character sketches and overall settings to start working: these characters should be in a city environment at night, and each set will have little NewCo brand elements floating around, such as the logo, the explosion, and the eyes. Also, materials should be glassy, clay, and semi-opaque.
Having all these ideas in mind, my task was to create all three characters, mixing them with my personal aesthetics. 
SHINY GOBLIN rides a bike fast wearing a NEW BURST CAP in Black. Doing a wheelie looks good with HOOPS and a TRACK SUIT. 
NEW TOTE can stay on arm despite STRONG WIND. Look out for razor wire fences while riding. GOBLIN is HAPPY.
FEATHERY BIRD CREATURE wears NEW BURST SWEATSHIRT and NEW BURST HAT. Both are in Brown. BIRD is trespassing. BIRD jumps over the GRAFFITI wall in front of a waning crescent moon. BIRD feels alive.
SAD TINY MONSTER wears NEW BURST SWEATSHIRT in Black. Size L is TOO BIG. Street lights reflect in a MYSTERIOUS LIQUID while a pair of RED EYES looks on from the storm drain. It is a QUIET NIGHT.
Direction: Matt Luckhurst and Ashlyn Lasson
Character Concept: Ashlyn Lasson
3D Characters Design: Ismael Picardi
NewCo Clothing Design: Matt Luckhurst and Ryan Thomas Ormsby
The New Company 2023
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