News in 5'
The internet changed the game. Traditional mass media are in a big crisis, unable to connect with new audiences. People no longer seek information through traditional channels, they are informed through social networks. That is why News in 5' was created, so we can communicate with these newer and younger audiences. Launched in 2019, News in 5' became the first newscast broadcast on a social media platform, starting on IGTV in 2019.
Our main concept was to play with different characters that control our phones during the show. We had to think about how they could interact with the audience, how they affect what they are watching, how it can transition between the screens, and especially, how it could feel alive and fun.
My main task was to design the entire show's graphic package and find a new visual core that could communicate with the audience. This also includes illustrating the characters and all its assets, such as idents, intros, and short-form videos. Then, animate the entire show and adapt it to different aspect ratios. Finally, it had to be delivered as a fully editable project.
Every day is a different day.
Each day had its own character, and each of them affects the intro, main color palette, and all the assets.
Fully editable
Considering that it is a daily show, one of the biggest challenges was to make it easily editable so we could save time for the production team.
The best way I found to solve this, was to create compositions on After Effects that worked as controls for all the assets. So you could change the entire show colors by doing a few clicks.
Based on the most relevant news, we created specific idents to be used during the show. 
Special reports
For the biggest news, commemorative dates, or ephemeris, we develop short-form videos that worked as reports during the show. But at the same time, they worked as individual assets for social media posts. 
Direction: Tomás García
Illustrations: Tomás García - Ismael Picardi
Design and Animation: Ismael Picardi
SFX and Music: Julián Príncipe
Filo Media Group / Dift Collective 2019
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