Zapier Broadcast Film
Zapier is a tool that empowers you to automate your work across 5,000+ apps—so you can move forward, faster. From side hustlers to enterprise leaders, Zapier connects your work apps so you get more focus and less frustration.
Stink Studios contacted me to join their amazing team and collaborate on this project. The challenge was to show our main character, Zeke, inside an office-type setting, working, while receiving different notifications-orders. As we move forward, new orders are racing at breakneck speed and our character starts to feel very stressed. This situation is resolved when Zeke hits the Zapier automatization bottom.
My task was to design and animate these UI scenes. Make them pop, and feel engaged with the rhythm of the broadcast film while, knowing how fast we'll see these moments, making them overly simple yet over-exaggerated and obvious. 
Stink Studios 2022
Creative Direction: Eric Larson
Art Director: Jack Foster
Production: Becky Wells, Shami LaCourt
VFX: Joshua Clancy
Colorist: Ethos Studio
Design and Animation: Ismael Picardi
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